In 5 weeks, myself and three others will be heading to the (900!) Solomon Islands to teach islanders to teach themselves the Bible.

By the end of next week (on my 21st birthday!) I will have finished the final 3 books I have yet to study and then VOILÀ I will have completed my own, personal commentary of the Bible! (Available for sale on eBay afterwards for $29.95 😉 ).

Then, the majority of my friends/the other students will continue on their journeys in life and the few of us left will spend 3 weeks preparing for this outreach.

We will be flying onto Honiara -the only island we can fly onto (lol)- and living with the new Youth With A Mission base who are just pioneering their ministry there. We will help them run their first ever Discipleship Bible School – a 12 week intensive crash course that takes students through the entire Bible.

(If anybody wants to escape winter I would totally do this Bible school!! Who wouldn’t want to go to the Solomon Islands!?)

Aside from helping them out where we can, we will spend our time taking boats out from Honiara to churches on the other 300 inhabited islands that have asked us to come. Although around 90% of the Solomons population are Christian, many churches are made up of false teaching and cults, especially on the more remotes islands.

After spending 9 months in the Word ourselves, we want these churches -especially the pastors, elders and leaders- to actually know what’s inside the Book they believe in and the true words of Jesus.

The heart of our outreach is not to preach what we’ve learnt but to encourage the churches of the Solomon Islands in teaching them how to study the truth of the Word of God for themselves.

We plan to fit in as much ministry as we can in the times where we aren’t specifically asked to help/teach/speak. Although there’s not too much we can do in terms of materially helping on a short-term, bible-focused mission trip, we hope to spend time hearing people’s stories, visiting slums, digging wells (yeah I know, no comments please) and praying for people.

We believe that He is choosing us to help Him with what He is doing in the Solomon Islands and I am so excited that He wants to use me, a scared, not-yet-21 year old girl from Adelaide.

If you pray, please, it would be amazing if you could pray for myself and our team if we ever pop into your thoughts. And if you would like to literally help us get there, the Solomon Islands are so remote that this trip is extremely expensive! None of us have worked since we began Bible school (or began YWAM! haha), so we are trusting that God will provide the finances through people partnering with us.

If you want to know more about Titus Project (the outreach) or the Discipleship Bible School in the Islands, there’s some links below. 🙂

All the blessings!

Love, Taylor



Christianity for Real

Hey friends! I’m stoked to update you all on what I’m doing! But I also really have on my heart to share about the lives of a Pakistani couple that visited our base the other week, who are currently pastoring a church persecuted for their faith. I honestly didn’t realize the reality of what’s happening to a fair amount of Christians in 2016, but I just wish that it had hit me before now how real it is and how I personally can help.
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The 411

So, this is what’s up with me 😊 ;

I’ve moved to Mooloolaba (Queensland, Australia) to do the School of Biblical Studies (or SBS – another acronym to remember 😊 ) for 9 months at the YWAM base on the Sunny Coast- which is probably the most amazing, relaxed base in the world.
I was so sad to leave my home, but I’m so glad that I listened to Jesus because there is no place I’d rather be. He knows me so well. Classic. Continue reading


I know that whenever you come into a time of intense spiritual learning you are going to be met with equally intense spiritual warfare. So I’m not surprised to say that the past month has been really hard. Eye-opening and life-changing and uber-exciting and all that jazz but also really challenging. I guess if I had to choose one word to describe how I feel about everything right now it would be amazed.

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Rockin’ in the Free World

I feel like I often hear that no one in this day and age wants to -or has time to- sit down and read an 800 word blog post. But it seems I still am confusing some people with where I am and what I’m doing. And therefore it seems I have no other option if I am to communicate with everyone across the globe. ..Well, except for a vlog (i.e. a video monologue for all you non-hipsters out there) but honestly, nobody wants to hear my voice on camera and I am sometimes prone to word vomit (see Mean Girls). So, an 800 word blog it is. 🙂

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Okay so this post isn’t actually about drug lords at all, I just think its pretty freaking cool (also scary) that we’re currently situated on the thai/burmese border in the midst of a network of psychos who’s full time job is performing illegal, international, drug trades. We aren’t even allowed off the property and out on the streets without following certain procedures such as having to go with other people/saying what time we’re leaving/coming back/ and cant go in certain directions in case we get shot/run over/ sold into slavery/sold to drug lords, because we’re white.
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